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    Why is LR so slow and why aren't they improving it?

    Ron in IL Level 1

      Why is LR so slow and why aren't they improving it?  LR5 was relatively fast, and ever since then, esp with the CC collection, LR has been unbearably slow.  I call it the "Spin Cycle" program.  Sure, I know you can optimize it.  Done all that.  You can have a faster computer.  Mine is really fast with 32 gigs of RAM.  But ever since LR5, every time I do something -- anything! -- it goes into spin cycle.  Yes, I clean out the cache.  I've done all the things suggested to make it faster, and it's slow as molasses.


      I just upgraded again to CC 2015.7, whatever the latest version is on CC, and I was really hoping they would improve the speed of LR.  But no luck.  If anything, it's slower.  I wish they would address this and fix it.  I hate that I have to sit here and wait on LR every time I do anything.


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