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    flash 10 swf Loading another swf in a translated location.

      I'm not doing anything special. I have a swf(lets call this swf1) that loads then adds it to a container on the stage(lets call this swf2). Swf2 plays perfectly on its own but when it is loaded into swf1 one of the movieclips moves to what seems to be 0,0 position on the stage. I also get errors like "Cannot create property __id0_" but there is nothing named that on stage but again this only happens when swf2 is loaded into swf1. There are some basic 3d tweens and positioning which is what I think is causing those errors becuase when I save has flash 9 they go away.

      I really don't want to go through and remove the 3d in swf2 since it does work standalone but I may have to. It also appears that even though I load swf2 in cs3 that position, rotation and other stuff are all messed up. Like the movie clip is flipped horizontal but it I flip it again the movieclip x changes to like -583745.

      Thanks for any help.