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    Muse site loading really slowly


      Hi all


      I've a site that up until recently was loading rather quickly; until about 3 weeks ago - and then it has slowed to a crawl.


      This is a client portfolio site, and whilst it is rather graphic & plugin intensive; as I've mentioned it was working just fine up until a couple of weeks ago.


      The address is www.shawnvanzyl.com


      I've checked various site speed test websites, and the total size seems to vary between 3-5 MG - dependent on country (apparently); it my untutored eyes this should still be a rather quick load (as images have been optimized etc).


      Does anybody have any idea what's happening here? The client is freaking out a bit.


      Thanks in advance,



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          Ussnorway Adobe Community Professional

          the site takes 10 sec to load in my FF Australia.

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            Günter Heißenbüttel Adobe Community Professional

            The same here on iPad. I think, a quite appropriate time for such a content loaded site.

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              a) Depending on the browser, initializing the video playback may take a while. It's better in Chrome than anywhere else.

              b) The connection to the Flickr gallery could be an issue. Flickr is notoriously unreliable and can cause major connection time-outs or delays at least.

              c) Similar things could happen with any of the other external sources like the Twitter feed, Vimeo etc..

              d) You have multiple fancy items on a single scrolling page and they all initialize scripts. You could possibly optimize this by manually consolidating everything, but that's beyond Muse.

              e) You use quite a bit of CSS animation, which may simply cause performance issues on some systems. This could cause things to only be drawn once the buffers have been rendered off-screen. Conversely, such stuff can generally cause extra drawing calls and refreshes.


              Beyond those generics I don't see much that is unusal. It's not the fastest page in the world, but some things are inevitable if you go flashy. Again, a lot could be optimized by cleaning up the code, so you might want to hire some HTML/ CSS/ JS savvy person to do it based on your "prototype".