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    Adobe Digital Editions - no help whatsoever


      I was having trouble with ADE as it would not accept downloads to my NOOK of books hat I had purchased from KOBO.  When I checked my installed programmes I found 2 versions of ADE - one version 3.00 and the other version 4.5.I uninstalled version 3 and then downloaded it again. This was the only version available from the download page. The icon did not appear on my desktop and I want it there.  Contacted Adobe support and got nowhere.  Transferred from one agent to another until I got dizzy.  No-one wanted to help, no-one answered my questions, no-one told me whether or not version 3 was the latest, or what happened to version 4.5. All of the so-called experts kept telling me that 'they were not trained in answering these questions'. So my questions are, 1) Is version 3 the latest?  How do I get the icon on my desktop?  Relatively simple questions for a customer support team - but no-one knew the  answers.  Can anyone help me?