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    Indesign 2017 Windows 10 Freeze/Crash when highlighting text


      Since upgrading to Indesign 2017 I am getting freezes/crashes. This is happening on multiple machines and all files with different fonts etc. Freeze normally happens whilst trying to highlight text, sometimes the mouse cursor vanishes. Looking under task manager the application is sitting around 27% (higher than usual) processor usage and it is not saying that it is not responding but no matter how long you leave it alone it never comes back as a functioning application.


      I have tried uninstalling all Creative Cloud applications but problem still persists.


      Anyone else having these problems? I'm currently having to use 2015 and convert files which is taking some time and not ideal!


      Both systems I have tried use Intel processors (i7 6700k and i3 2120) with AMD video cards (R9 390 and HD 5770).


      Driving me crazy!!!!!!