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    Lightroom alternative for network based workflow

    Geoff Vane Level 1

      I work at the graphics department of the regional Dutch TV station called L1.

      We have about 150,000 photos.

      To keep track of what is what and add meta data, we use Adobe Lightroom.

      It is a very handy program with one big problem: the catalog is on the local computer only and can not be used over a network.

      This means all computers have to be synchronized by hand which of course is a nuisance and this method is prone to errors.


      Does anyone know of a better program with a centralized network catalog file?

      We need to search and update the catalog file with a team, simultaneously.

      If so, which program is it and could we get that too?


      I'm not interested in programs that copy the catalog in the background. We don't use workarounds here.