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    Rejection reason: "Grain/noise problem"

    FinchHaven Level 1

      Where in this image is there a *real* "Grain/noise problem"?

      https://s3.amazonaws.com/finchhaven-featured/finchhaven-stock/autumn_leaves_cloudy_fall_da y_7286-3.jpg


      Here's a 100% crop into the area around the bird feeders:
      Screenshot from 2016-11-29 05:45:55.png


      Shot Canon RAW with an EOS 5D MII, Quality "RAW" 21M 5616x3744 pixels.


      In post-processing (Adobe Lightroom cc 2015.7) I applied Highlights -70, Shadows +88, Blacks -79.


      In Detail I applied Sharpening, Amount 50, Noise Reduction - Luminance 60 -- which I do to virtually every photo I've shot (and I shoot tens of thousands of photos with my 5D M2 or my 1D M4 each year).

      The image was cropped to 4088x3270 pixels in an 8:10 aspect ratio.


      Period. That's it.


      And yet this is unacceptable because of "Grain/noise"?


      Not buying it. Not buying it for one second.