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    Can't fix layout when marking several paragraphs of text


      We have experienced a problem with the possibility to mark a segment of text and do something with the layout after the latest update of InDesign (to CC2017). We use Mac at our workplace.


      Before, it was possible to mark a segment of text, several paragraphs at the same time, and do stuff with the text. For instance, that the first line in every paragraph should have an indentation of 3 mm. When we do that now, all of the text disappears and is substituted with a 3.


      We find that it only works when we put the cursor in the text, no text marked. So when we need to do the same thing with several paragraphs of text, we have to do the manoeuvre once for every paragraph.


      Anyone else who has experienced the same problem? Found a solution? We’re crossing our fingers that this is a bug that will soon be fixed because it means quite a lot of extra work for us…