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    ut there is no "renumber". (acrobat pro dc)


      I cannot find where to renumber pages.  I am on page thumbnails; I go to options, but there is no "renumber". (acrobat pro dc)


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          Karl Heinz Kremer Adobe Community Professional

          There are (at least) two different sets of page numbers when you look at a PDF file:


          You have the page numbers that your original application (e.g. MS Word, Adobe InDesign, ...) added to your document, and which were converted to PDF as static PDF text.


          You have page numbers that are associated with the page thumbnails - these are usually referred to as "page labels". When you change these, the page numbers on your pages will not change. You can change these labels by selecting Tools>Organize Pages>Page Labels


          There may be a third set of page numbers if you've added page headers or footers (Tools>Edit PDF>Header&Footer). These page numbers can be updated by modifying the existing header or footer.


          Which page numbers do you want to modify?