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    Extendscript: how to get the Indesign full path name from an InCopy document?


      An InCopy assignment is placed on an Indesign page. After opening the InCopy file, I want to get the full path name of the InDesign document where that InCopy file is placed on. Is that possible using a script? What is the right syntax for getting that path name?

      Or is this impossible?

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          Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi Jack,

          note, that your question was moved to the Adobe InDesign Scripting forum.


          I could be wrong, but your question could be a variant of the one where an image is placed on an InDesign document page and you opened the image with PhotoShop and you want to know in what InDesign document(s) the image is placed.


          This information can be retrieved, but you have to open all available InDesign documents and check the Link collection. From the Link collection you can get the full name of all placed ICML files and compare their names and paths with your opened file with InCopy.


          See also DOM documentation compiled by Jongware:

          Adobe InDesign CS6 (8.0) Object Model JS: Link

          Indesign JavaScript Help


          I guess nothing was added regarding object Link with newer versions of InDesign.

          But see for yourself with DOM documentation compiled by Gregor Fellenz:

          InDesign ExtendScript API (12.0)


          If you inspect the ICML file you could check the metadata entries.
          There you could get the information what version of InDesign created the ICML file. Even the name of the InDesign document is revealed. But that would not be sufficient for you…