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    Indesign in Indesign, book? TOC?  Searchable doc? For presentation and product pages (noobie needs help)




      Right now at a work, we use InDesign for presentations -  each page is a product page with description, features, images like so:

      Screen Shot 2016-11-29 at 11.15.58 AM.png


      I used to create a giant document with all products in it and makes copies of the INDD to edit for other clients and projects. But whenever links were modified (which is often) or we got new information (dimensions, text, photos, etc) it got to a point where it simply was not efficient because I'd have to manually update all relevant documents instead of one that was linked to all and would update one time for all - and links would often break because we move things around, etc.


      I solved this in 2 ways:

      • Book from individual indesign product pages
      • Indesign placed in Indesign (so all individual indesign product pages placed, as linked object, in another master Indesign).


      Book too long to update on every change, even if documents were under 100 pages.

      For BOTH options, I can't do ctrl + F to find things easily (find the names of the product for example) or I can't make a TOC - unless there is a way I don't know about.


      I honestly don't know what the best way for me to create these product pages and presentation would be, any help would be appreciated.


      Thank you in advance!!!