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    CS5 crashing turns .fla file into unexpected file format

    Dr. Acula

      While working in Flash Professional CS5, the program crashed and when I open the last version of the flash file I saved it tells me it's an unexpected file format. What is this about? It is an .fla file. How can I recover this file and is there an auto save feature in CS5? Please help

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          your fla is corrupted.


          you may (but probably won't) be able to salvage some of your work.


          1. copy the fla so you have a duplicate and original.

          2. rename the duplicate to a rar file

          3. open the rar file with winrar and repair it.

          4. rename the repaired rar to a fla and open in flash.

          5. if that succeeds, you're lucky. read below because that will never happen again.

          6. if that fails, rename the repaired renamed fla back to a rar file and unrar it.  you may be able to recover some assets


          resolve to never encounter that again by saving your fla projects frequently with different names.  i append _v000, _v001, _v002 etc to the file name.


          i created a jsfl that does that automatically and created a shortcut to the jsfl file so pressing ctrl-alt-s saves with the next incremented file name suffix.

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            Dr. Acula Level 1

            Thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately it did not work. Thanks again.


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