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    Why does Muse CC 2017 crash when opening?

    bernwa Level 2

      I just bought a new Macbook Pro 13" with Sierra OS.  I've installed all my Adobe products and Muse is the only one giving me problems.  When I open it I get the message I've attached in the screenshot below.  If I select relaunch it opens but not every time.  I have read a few other threads about troubleshooting and I've done them all.  Is this a known issue that will be addressed soon?  It should be noted that on my other Macbook Pro running Sierra Muse CC 2017 opens fine.


      Please let me know if you know about this issue and if you will be addressing it soon.




      Bernie C


      Screen Shot 2016-11-29 at 10.08.25 AM.png

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          Günter Heißenbüttel Adobe Community Professional

          This is a know issue, frequently discussed in this forum.

          The Muse team has already fixed this error. If you want to try, sign into www.museprerelease.com and download the prerelease version (the prerelease version won’t conflict with the Muse version you are using).

          As a workaround you can do the following:

          Start Muse and immediately click onto the Finder background or a Finder window to take Muse out of focus. Muse will start now correctly.

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            nermie Level 1

            This Issue is NOT Fixed. I have the latest version of Muse and the problem persists. I have fully uninstalled and reinstalled Muse several times, I have used Adobe's clean tool, the Adobe help team (oxymoron) have attempted to do the same thing  and have deleted and reinstalled without success, only to tell me to email the tech team for support and NOT provide an email address.


            I finally got the Muse program to finish loading (without Adobes Help)  and checked that it was version 2017.0.1.11 and, after several trys, it successfully opened and converted an older Muse file. I then saved and closed the program. When I attempted to Start Muse again, same problem occurred and Muse would not start. I tried about 6 or7 times and then it finally opened again, showing my updated files ok. But then after closing, when attempting to reopen, it again failed to completely start. This time, despite about 20 attempts, it is still not opening.


            THIS PROBLEM IS NOT FIXED, it still persists and Adobe appear uncaring about fixing the issue.