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    Hebrew right to left problem in pages panel

    Cyndee M Level 1

      I am using the Hebrew-English version of ID 2017 on Windows 10. Everything is setup to default to the Adobe World Ready Single Line Composer, but all other defaults are set for English and left to right text other than the styles used for Hebrew. Everything was working fine except for the pages panel.


      First of all, the master pages are shown aligned in the panel right to left -- not a big deal, but a sign of something not right.


      Pages show correctly, left to right, but if I try to move a page by dragging it, it won't move to the correct position. If I try to drag page 1 so it is between pages 2 & 3, it jumps back to page 1. If I try to move, say page 12 to between pages 16 and 17, it jumps to after page 17.


      This seems to be some kind of right to left setting/issue, but I've checked story direction which is left to right and anything else I can think of. I even tried changing the top layer to the regular Adobe composer and it didn't matter. This is a big problem as I often need to sort large files using the page panel.


      Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.