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    "4 Warnings Unexpected response to PHP query" in Adobe Muse

    WinEnt Level 1

      I have a slight dilemma. For about a year or so now I’ve been using Adobe Muse to create and update my website. I recently updated both Muse (to CC2017) and my website, but when I publish via ftp (directly from Muse which is how I’ve done it up until now) it gives me the following message: 


      4 Warnings Unexpected response to PHP query. PHP may not be configured correctly on your web server. Contact your hosting provider or website administrator about how to configure PHP support. Failed to enable browser caching for folder "css/". Failed to enable browser caching for folder "images/". Failed to enable browser caching for folder "scripts/“. 


      This is causing my sight to load very slowly most of the time. I had a mobile and tablet version of the site and deleted them and even went back to the older version of Muse to try and republish the original site, but to no avail.


      Is there a certain PHP version that Muse supports? Is there something I can do within Muse? I've reached out to my hosting provider, but aside from making me aware of the highest PHP version that they support (which I was already aware of) they weren't much help. I'm not a coder and do not specialize in websites, thus the reason why Muse is an awesome tool for me.


      I'm contemplating switching hosting providers, but having been with the current provider for almost 10 years, I wanted to reach out to Adobe first about possible solutions.