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    Getting comps to play together?

    checkly11 Level 1


      I'm new with Ae and just experimenting with it. I am currently working with a template that has 5 comps where all I did was edit the text, and now I just want to export all the comps at once to have them play in sequence (one right behind the other) instead of separately. I searched through the threads but still not clear on this. Is it possible or do need a separate program to do this or something? Thanks for any help.

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          Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

          so you want to edit your comps together as a sequence and render them out? select all the comps you want in the project panel by the order you wish them follow each other and right click and choose "new comp from selection".  in the window put a check mark under sequence layers. now render this comp.

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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            About 99% of all new users to AE think it's an editing app. It's not. AE is designed for shots and short sequences. Most of the professionals that I have worked with over the last 20+ years that use AE create comps that are basically effects on a single shot that you can't achieve in a Non Linear Editor. I don't know any pro that edits a film - what you are doing is making a film, in AE. If you really need to string 5 comps together then Roei's technique will work just fine. It will just take a long time to render and you won't be able to preview the string of 5 comps unless the entire new comp is only a few seconds long. Most of my comps are 7 seconds or less. Only a few contain sequences that are longer than that. My sequences are usually limited to a single sentence of copy, a single phrase of music, or a single graphical idea.


            If it were my project I would sent comp 1 to the Adobe Media encoder as soon as it was complete, then do the same with Comp 2 and so on. The AME would be rendering in the Background while I was working on the compositions. When they were all rendered to an appropriate format for further production I would edit them in Premiere Pro - which you can do very quickly, with real time playback and very good control over the sound mix and other elements in your production. Not only can you play the timeline in Premiere Pro in real time, it will render much faster than an AE comp will render. For a lot of my comps 


            ou should take some time to learn the difference between digital intermediates (DI) rendered to mezzanine formats and delivery formats - like MP4, the most universal and most used format today. If you plan to do anything more than build an occasional video for your friends you really need to understand video formats and compression, color management, production workflow, sound mixing and equalization, and every other aspect of production. It will take you about 100 hours of study to become proficient enough to be worthy of an hourly wage as a film maker.

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              checkly11 Level 1

              Thanks Roei, but how do I select all the comps I want in the project at once? Each time I click on one it's just an individual selection. Also when I right click on a comp I don't see anything saying "new comp from selection".

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                checkly11 Level 1

                Hi Rick, thanks for the explanation. Right now I'm just fumbling around and getting familiar with it. Once I do this a bit then I will transition into more advanced and proper techniques by next week. Right now I just want to see some quick results.

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                  Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

                  shift click is for selecting consecutive items, ctrl + click is for selecting consecutive and non-consecutive items - the conventional way of selecting different items in any operating system.


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                    checkly11 Level 1

                    Works thanks!