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    CC2017 Issues


      Hi there, I'm experiencing some frustrating issues with After effects. In Ae cc2017.0  (version ) after the prerendering is done the playback don't work, even though the Info is displaying the fps and frame etc. it's just stuck on the first frame. Every time this happen ( several times a day ) I need to close and then restart after effets, re-open my project and then it's back to almost normal.
      I've been stuck with cc2014 since the playback is not working properly since that release ( you know when you work with audio it's fine to drop frame instead of slowing down everything whien previewing).

      Is it possible to find a way to make the playback work again without quitting all the time ?



      Config in case you need

      Win 8.1 Pro

      i7 5930k / 64gb ram