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    Importing video to CS4

      I'm trying to import a short video f4v format to fla file using the import video in CS4. I'm able to browse to the f4v file select it and choose a playback skin. Then it seems to be doing something...get message "getting metadata" and a working display....then NOTHING. No error messages, nothing. I've tried to insert a new movie clip and then import video while on the mc stage...same thing. I've tried to Import to Library and nothing imports. What am I doing wrong, or are there some issues with this functionality in the program?

      thanks in advance for your help!
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          Yeah, I had the exact same problem. Where as we used to use the following import line:


          this will not work (yet it doesn't generate any error messages): rtmp://servername/vod/Bean.f4v

          Try adding .mp4 like this: rtmp://servername/vod/mp4:Bean.f4v

          That did work for me.