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    VisitAIColorFlags and PlacedArt objects

    btempleton1982 Level 2

      I'm trying to analyze the colors used inside of PlacedArt objects. I've tried a few different ways using functions in the PlacedArt suite, but the suite functions CountPlacedCustomColors(...) and GetNthPlacedCustomColorName(...) only work with placed EPS files.


      I'm trying to cover all sorts of different placed files, including our most common case, a placed PDF containing custom spot color artwork.


      So, I've arrived at the idea of passing the placed file to AdjustObjectAIColors(...). I have also tried using the GetPlacedChild(...) function and passing the resulting GroupArt to the AdjustObjectAIColors(...) function.


      I can't, however, seem to find a combination of VisitAIColorFlags values that forwards anything to my callback. The variations I've tried all result in my callback not being called at all.