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    SPRY in SPRY

    wmanu Level 1
      Hi There,

      I’m trying to make use of SPRY in my Coldfusion application. My first trial was successful. But I’m having some issues when I dig deep. Let me explain the situation:

      I’m having three pages: Default.html, Page1.html, Content.cfc

      1.Content.cfc has the coldfusion
      2.Default.html calls Page1.html using Spry.Utils.loadURL
      3.Page1.html calls Content.cfc through Spry.Data.XMLDataSet and spry:region for loading data dynamically

      If I execute Content.cfc directly through browser, I’m getting expected result. But when I call the same through Spry.Utils.loadURL, the spry region is not getting loaded. I’m getting {VARIABLENAME} instead of values. So which means SPRY is not getting executed.

      Does anyone have a solution to this problem?

      Many thanks / Manu.