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    Indesign CS 2017 crawling slow


      Having major issues with large documents crawling in InDesign after installing Creative Suite 2017. Anybody having this issue? Any solutions? Been on with Adobe Tech Support's IndIan Bureau 3 times today without much luck. Each time, they seem to have helped the problem only to have it reappear.

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          dave397 Level 1

          after 4 sessions online with Adobe, I think I found my solution to a program that had become so slow as to not be useful (besides upgrading RAM).

          When I toggled off the preflight panel, my computer became useable once again.

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            Sumit_Garg Adobe Employee

            Hi Dave,


            Thanks for your valuable feedback.

            Based on your post it seems you are facing issues related to InDesign performance in long document.


            However, we are still not sure what is actual cause for your issue.

            We need your support to figure out what is causing this performance issue and more information for possible workarounds.


            Can you please provide this information:

            ·         Earlier Version status(Please mention Yes/No) Same issue was being observed in earlier version of InDesign ?

            ·         Sample Document(Please attach a packaged document for analysis)

            You can upload your document on dropbox/creative cloud and send on "sharewithID@adobe.com"


            ·         Which area OR feature where slowness is being observed(e.g typing, export, movement etc.)


            ·         Any Known steps(Step that led to slowness)


            ·         Platform detail(Using Windows/Mac e.g. Windows10, Mac10.12.1)


            ·         Machines Configuration (details like RAM, CPU etc)


            ·         Video recording(If possible screen recording showing slowness )



            Eagerly waiting for your response.




            - Sumit

            (Adobe InDesign Team)

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              kaustubh Adobe Employee

              Hi dave397


              Just adding to Sumit's comments here. We may be able to provide a more granular workaround if we are able to reproduce your scenario at our end.




              (Adobe InDesign team)