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    Sharing photos via a network


      I am a photographer for an organization where the boss and 3 others would like to have access to the photos I have taken, stored and edited in Lightroom.  These would also include thousands of historical photos that I have catalogued and keyworded.  The idea being the other person could bring up Lightroom on their machine, and have access to my catalogue. Is this possible as they would not be editing or in any way updating the catalogue?  If not, is there another product that would allow this? 


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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The images can be stored on the network drive. However, the catalog cannot. It must be  on a  drive that is local  to the machine using a Lightroom. And since the catalog is what stores all of the adjustments and ratings and keywords, the other users wouldn't see any of the work you have done. You could try distributing updated catalogs to the other users on a scheduled basis. But this would be tedious to maintain.  You could try storing the catalog in a Dropbox folder that is accessible by everyone. But then only one  person at a time could have access, and you would have to make sure  nobody opened the catalog while it is  synchronizing. It's a solution that some use. But the catalog is vulnerable to becoming corrupted.

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            Wmvet2046 Level 1

            Thank you Jim.  I may have to try the updated catalogue distribution method.

            Again thank you.