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    Lightroom Import Issue - Continuing, new information


      I've been having impossible import issues with video files in Lightroom for months now.  I upgraded today from El Capitan to Sierra OS on my Macbook.  I thought I would try importing video again hoping that it would finally work but not very optimistic.


      Well.....this happened.


      I selected all the video files that I've been wanting to import for months (400 clips) and sat back to watch it fail.


      I noted when it started that I was seeing actual thumbnails for the video clips prior to starting the import.  I haven't seen thumbnails for video in AWHILE.  I didn't think anything of it though.


      All of a sudden the video clips started importing......and importing quickly actually.  When it got to 50 files it stopped dead in it's tracks. 


      I was unable to continue the import and had to cancel it. The 50 files were successfully imported though.


      I am now once again able to import even a single file.  I get dynamic link server failures or "no photos or video found to import" errors. 


      So frustrating.  And......there are no thumbnails when I go to import.  Only "Preview Unavailable for This File".  I wondering if this is somehow related.



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          2 weeks ago


          Ok.  Now we are getting somewhere.  Not a perfect solution by any stretch of the imagination but I can import......kind of.


          I have a Mac.....so I can't Ctrl + Alt + Delete.  But I looked for the Dynamic Link Server process using the Activity Monitor on my Mac. 


          Using a combination of these steps and not being entirely certain which ones were helping I am able to import .MOV files.  The jury is still out on .MP4 video files. 


          1. I have had a folder called "Import to Lightroom Sometime" with 300 video files (.MOV and .MP4) in it.


          2.  I moved all of the video files to a new folder called "Add to Lightroom 2".


          3.  I copied 10 of the video files back into the "Import to Lightroom Sometime" folder.


          4. Make sure Lightroom is not running.


          5.  I killed the 2 processes that had to do with the Dynamic Link Server in the Activity Monitor.


          6. Started Lightroom.


          7.  Start the Import Dialog.


          8.  If you don't start seeing thumbnail previews of your video files in the folder you want to import folder your import is NOT going to work.


          9.  I wait until all of the video files are showing a preview thumbnail before clicking the IMPORT box.  This is a sign to me that 'things are healthy and there is a shot at this working'.


          10.  If they don't start importing almost immediately I cancel because I know from experience that it is not going to work. 


          11.  If things have become unstable / unhealthy I then do a combination of force quitting the 2 Dynamic Link processes in Activity Monitor and Force Quitting and relaunching Lightroom again.


          12.  I've experimented with between 10 and 30 files for Importing.  Gradually increasing the number each time to make sure it's still working.


          13.  The Import that I'm doing is a MOVE from one folder on my Lacie External 4TB  drive into my Master folder for Lightroom on the same drive called "Photos - Lightroom" where they are imported into automatic date folders.


          14.  I've just attempted an import of 114 files to really make it work harder and it's working.  Oh yes! 


          15.  Now to figure out why it doesn't like those .MP4 files......


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            Everything is so random.  I've had some success too with just killing Lightroom.  Moving all the files I want to import/move into a new folder and then back in to the original folder and then attempting the import a 2nd time.  It seems to work especially well when I only try to move photos into the folder and import those and then move video files into the folder and import those.  Like it only wants to show previews for one type of file at a time or something.  Go figure. I imported 400+ photos and then a few hundred videos this way tonight and didn't have to kill any processes in Activity Monitor first.  Whatever.