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    Editing Text in a Scanned Document


         I am trying to edit scanned text in Adobe Acrobat Standard DC. I am not able to do so unless I convert to a Word file format. The purpose is to copy and paste text out of the PDF.  I am able to do this on a Adobe Acrobat Pro DC program but not Standard. Is this limited to just Pro? According to the Adobe Acrobat Tutorials it should work for both. There is nothing that specifies whether it is Acrobat Standard or Pro, just as long as it is not Reader.  Below is a screenshot showing the "Edit PDF" Menu on the right from Standard not showing the text option. Below that is the screenshot from PRO where it appears.


      Acrobat Standard

      Acrobat PRO

      Is this a setting that is set up in PRO automatically that I am missing in Standard? I looked all over to find the differences between the 2 and can't seem to find it so that I can add this to my Edit Menu. I need to be able to edit scanned documents without converting them to Word in order to save time. Having to convert back and forth is a time drain.