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    .indd file gone minutes after saving?!


      Hey all,


      Just today I was working on a regular .indd InDesign file, saved it multiple times inbetween and just to be sure saved it when closing.
      Minutes later, I wanted to include this document in an .indb file, only to discover that same document is... completely gone!


      It still appears in my 'Recent Files' list, but when I click on it, it gives the error "Either the file does not exist, (blabla)" that kind of thing.


      NO crashes or errors happened during the editing of the .indd file, I just closed and saved it the regular way without any indication of a problem. Also no updates or anything inbetween, it was simply a matter of minutes after saving that the file disappeared. Didn't even have time to create a backup.


      I operate on Windows 10 and use Indesign CC 2015, if that helps.


      There is also no lock file and I already deleted the Recovery File from AppData after reading elsewhere that that might help (it didn't).

      A complete search for the document turned up nothing and it is also not a hidden file. I work from an external hard drive, so it SHOULD be there somwhere but it isn't.


      Also: I had renamed some other documents and at the same time I discovered my file is gone, I also noticed the names were changed back. None of those files are corrupt and the content luckily was intact, just the name changed back (which is not that much of a big deal tho, but found it peculiar and maybe there is a link?).


      What the hell is going on and how can I get the file back?!
      Please help!!


      Thanks in advance!