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    I'm curious: Why can't my computer play a 4K photo-jpeg clip smoothly?


      I'm sorry if this isn't the appropriate forum, but I couldn't think of a better one. I'm hoping someone might have a clue as to what my problem is.


      I have 4K photo-jpeg clips I've created (with After Effects CC, if that matters), and I've been trying to figure out why I can't play them smoothly on my computer. At best they play at about 15fps; at worst (different video players) they stutter like crazy, and audio is choppy (on & off for seconds at a time).


      I'm running Win 10 64-bit, and when using Task Manager's Performance monitoring, I can't see anything being utilized too much:

      CPU: 31% max, mostly 29%

      Memory: 19%

      Disk: 53% max, mostly 0% (file is playing from an SSD)

      GPU Load: Varies 16% - 41%,

      GPU Memory Controller Load: Varies 9% - 28%


      These figures are when using the Win 10 "Movies & TV" app. I haven't examined resource utilization when running other players, but none of the other players I've tried (VLC, Windows Media Player, MPC, PotPlayer) plays these clips any better.


      My hardware is fairly decent, with a 6700K CPU (Skylake), 32GB RAM, Win 10 on a separate SSD from the source file, and a GTX 1070 GPU.


      I realize Photo-jpeg clips are resource intensive and tough to play smoothly at full speed, I just can't help but wonder what resource is stopping it from playing them doing so.


      Any ideas?