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    Adobe Stock Cancellation Fee WARNING




      So I'm a student studying graphic design, and I recently cancelled my Adobe Stock subscription. As a student I found I didn't use it as much as I thought and I knew that I couldn't afford the extra $30 with the cost of Creative Cloud. So I decided to cancel my subscription to Stock. When I did I was informed about the ridiculous cancellation fee, which I didn't even read about before cancelling. The fee was $127. Which if I can't afford the $30 fee what makes you think I can pay $127? This is ridiculous. I talked to two different people on the chat to try and see if I could get it waived or pay in installments. However the first person disconnected before I was even finished telling them my issue. The second said he would transfer my concern higher up and then I got an email saying my case was resolved, with no way to reopen it.


      I am beyond frustrated and I think when Adobe tries to charge me, I will dispute the transaction with my bank. I was not aware of the charge before hand and the customer service was so bad that I wanted to pull my hair out. They didn't even help me with my situation. Honestly I can't afford this unless I want to starve for a month and that is not an exaggeration. I work and go to school and I pay most of it myself and Adobe doesn't seem to care. A forewarning to others! I can't believe Adobe treats their customers like this!

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          Beverley Gray Adobe Employee

          Hi there


          Your case has been escalated and you will receive an update with the outcome when it has been reviewed.


          Kind regards



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            Hi Beverley,


            I'm in a similar boat. I signed up for my Adobe CC membership over the phone, and was offered the free stock trial. The individual who signed me up actually signed me up for the 40 images a month version as he said I could download those and cancel and not be charged. I never ended up using the free trial, or using the Stock program at all. I went online to cancel after seeing the charge for the 2nd month which reminded me of the stock trial on the account, and was shocked to see a cancellation fee of $255. I signed up over the phone and was never informed that the trial membership would turn into a yearly commitment. I cannot afford the additional monthly fee for Adobe Stock, or the cancellation fee. I tried to speak to Rahul online through the chat and he only offered me 3 months free (which I took to provide myself more time to hopefully find another resolution) but this is a program I won't use in the future and would love to seek another solution to my problem. I feel deceived and misguided at the yearly commitment option seeing as how I signed up over the phone with no ability to read over the terms and conditions to discover these fine print obligations. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


            Thank you,