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      Hi I have few small questions :- First let me start with LOVING the new Xd looking like I will be a big fan. Its great for my clients instead of me seeing my designs off to be prototyped and then again to be written into HTML C++ ect.........  thanks guy x x x


      1 ) I see Xd does NOT support .PSD file will it ever do  ? and if so will it understand the layers from Photoshop ?


      ( Because from what I understand I would 1 ether copy all my design one by one on to Xd and start using Xd layers OR 2 have to use .JPEG as flat images and cut everything up. right I am doing the second one cutting )


      2 ) Could we expect our work to ever be exported into HTML ? or Maybe a language that say dreamweaver will understand ? or can that be done now if so great please have video tutorial of that.


      3 ) if we couldn't use it n dreamweaver maybe something we could use to launch a client app straight onto itunes or play store same would apply for websites straight onto a server ect.........


      All in one package would be fantastic