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    Problems doing copy/paste from Flash to Illustrator

      This is a problem I've had since Flash 8: when doing a copy/paste from Flash to Illustrator (on Windows), there's extreme degradation of the artwork, sometimes to the extent that no actual art is even copied. All the curves seem to be approximated with straight line segments, but at some point it just seems to give up even trying, leaving an unidentifiable blob for most of the object. As I said, sometimes it doesn't even copy anything at all -- all that shows up after pasting into Illustrator is an empty group.

      The weird thing is that this process worked fine in Flash MX 2004. What could possibly have changed? I was sure with CS3 it would be fixed, but it wasn't. I haven't tried Illustrator CS4 yet, but copying from Flash CS4 to Illustrator CS3 produces the same problem.

      I've seen a few other reports of this problem in other forums, but I've encountered it on every install of Flash and Illustrator I've tried (admittedly, all Windows machines, but three or four different ones, both XP or Vista). Can anyone here confirm that this problem exists or doesn't exist on their computer? To test it, create a piece of art with plenty of curves and several colors in Flash, then copy and paste it into an illustrator document.

      If this problem is as widespread as my experience seems to indicate it is, why hasn't it been fixed in two major revisions of the software? Is Adobe even aware of it? If not, how can I let them know? I'm getting majorly sick of having to deal with it. Illustrator used to be a much larger part of my animation process, but now I can't use it how I really want to because of the bad copy and paste functionality.

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          Rafiq Elmansy, AEL, ACP Level 2
          The integration between Flash CS3 and Illustrator means you can copy objects from Illustrator to Flash and i think if you copy from Flash to illustrator or Photoshop, you would not get a good results.
          You can solve your problem by exporting your Flash work as .AI.

          Your idea about the ability to copy from Flash to Illustrator is a good idea although Illustrator can not read some of the Flash imported information correctly. But it is still a good enahcement idea. There is a link where you can add suggestions but I do not remember it and I am replying using mobile, so my browsing capabilities is limited.

          I will try to post the link here when I got to my back normal connection

          Thanks alot!!
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            animator_geek Level 1
            What I don't understand is why, if it worked fine in MX 2004, it doesn't work at all in 8 or any subsequent version. In fact, I can copy from CS3 into MX 2004 and then copy from there to Illustrator and the results look fine. Why would such a fundamental feature be debilitated like that?

            And besides, is it really that uncommon to copy from Flash to Illustrator? I use it all the time to take advantage of Illustrator's superior manipulations on existing flash symbols (e.g. to create arm bends with Illustrator art brushes).

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              Tropical Fool Level 1

              At least in CS4 you can save as .ai format… but your colors get converted (badly) to CMYK… but at least you can save as .ai.


              If you're interested in following the color problem, check here: