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    2-in-1 for second computer to use PS, LR, and PR?




      I do the bulk of my work on my desktop, but while traveling I regularly need to do a little graphics work. I would like to get a 2-in-one that I can use.  I have thought about the Lenovo 910, Lenovo P40, Surface Book, and a few others. Not an Apple fan.  Not sure if I "must" have Nvidia or not? Also want to avoid the UI being unusably small if the screen resolution is super high… 


      Here are my “needs:”

      1. Showing pictures to clients, would like nice display for this.
      2. Lightroom basics—importing and tagging mostly.
      3. Photoshop—fairly simple editing tasks mostly RAW images from Canon DSLR.
      4. Premiere basics—upload a few videos (10 minutes total) from Canon DSLR and cut together simple video to export to H.264. 
      5. Not sure, but I can imagine when at home it might sometimes be nice to use this computer for pen tasks instead of a Wacom/desktop.