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    Animate (aka Flash) Freezes to a spinning wait ball

    Innish Level 1

      Hi so I have a huge body of work that I update or change every four years when the licence expires.  I was happy using Flash and now I am stuck with this horriable new version. 


      I am using macS sierra Version 10.12

      2.8 GHz Intel Core i7

      16 GB 1600 Mhz DDR3


      with a AMD Radeo R9 M370X 2048 MB intel Iris Pro 1536 MB

      With a dual screen


      and I can do NOTHING in Animate I have the most recent version (but I cannot tell you what the version is because it is FROZEN) oh wait it just let me look it is Adobe Animate CC 2015.1 Release Build


      When I open old files from my previous version of Flash it freezes and give me a spinning ball over and over.  It does not matter if I reboot and reload I always get the same result.  When I place my mouse in the workspace the workspace scrolls around randomly and if I am lucky enough to get over a symbol I want to edit I can do a quick 2X click and get it open then maybe do something simple like change the line color.  Then it goes to the spinning ball. Or I double click on the symbol and the work space scrolls down out of site.  Or maybe after about 20 minutes of waiting I can change a line color then try and bring another symbol in and it freeezes to the spinning ball again.


      This is really frustrating and I use my animations on a membership site and I am losing members daily because ADOBE forced me to update.  I was happy with Flash my needs where simple just nice little line drawings with a bit of animation nothing that difficult.  NOW IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO USE EVEN WITH MY BRAND NEW $3000.00 COMPUTER.


      I searched the forums and the only thing I found was to reset my preferences which I did.  This is really a disaster.


      Please help