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    Nvidia GTX 980 - 10bit output question

    klfi Level 1

      I am runnig win10 Pro 64bit  PPro CC 2017  - 3 monitors (1x Sony Trimaster-10bit for preview, 2x NEC Spectraview 302 (serie 2) - 10bit 60Hz - working monitors

      PPro timeline UHD


      1.) for preview i use BM mini Monitor SDI - connected to Sony Trimaster ..... works properly 10bit

      2.) for NLE working PPro CC 2017 is use 2x NEC Spectraview (serie 2) - connected to Nvidia GTX 980 via displayport 1.4 and/or HDMI 2.0



      GTX 980 output 2 settings shows me 10bpc at 60Hz, 3860x2160-native , full space .... NEC 1 also shows me 60Hz .... this is what i expected

      GTX 980 output 1 settings shows me only 6bpc at 30Hz, 3860x2160, full space .... NEC 2 show me only 30Hz .....  ??


      Whats going on here ? Where is the problem, what do i wrong ?

      Has GTX 980 maybe only 1 10bit output ??


      Thanks for help.


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          WaccaWacca Level 1


          I've been researching this problem. I'm not sure I know the truth because Adobe and NVIDIA  don't seem keen to publish it. The information I have has just been gathered from forum posts by users.and if any reader knows better it would be great to know what references you have found.


          The GeForce range from NVIDIA do not support 10bpc through the OpenGL/CL interfaces. This means Premiere Pro is unable to use 10bpc. This is a commercial decision by NVIDIA to separate the Desktop vs Workstation lines.


          Just to confuse you the later cards do support 10bpc through the DirectX interface. So Gamers and some players can use 10bpc on a system where Premiere Pro cannot.