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    Helpful, But Almost Not There!

    finnandme Level 1

      You can quickly change the Names of Layers and Groups in Ch... ( just press Enter.. type in the Name and press Enter again ) This however, doesn't change the Name in original  Ps file, but the Ch Team have added a helpful prompt to show you the difference between the Ch Name and Ps Name. If you look to the right of the Name you have changed, you will see another word,  that is just about visible... this is the Ps Name. This is great as it acts as a reminder if your changing anything. You can quickly revert back to the original Ps Name, by Right Clicking on the Name and selecting, Reset Layer.


      This seems to be a very useful prompt when you're changing things between Ch and Ps, so I wish they would make it stand out a bit more... Highlight it, change the colour, make it bold, italic etc.. you get my idea!?


      I would like to hear what other users think and anything they find that they think could help others too?