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    Looking For That Lost Pixel!

    finnandme Level 1

      While working on a character... I got an extra large bounding box showing up! I knew someone had mentioned this before and said it could be a problem with some stray pixels being left in a layer, so I went looking and couldn't find anything.


      I went back to a simple psd... 1 group and 1 layer in that group, in an attempt to try and find out what was going on.


      Now when I  selected the Group and moved it in the Puppet Panel, the related Group Handle moved with it.

      If I selected the Layer within the Group and moved it, the Group Handle didn't move.

      When I then clicked back on the Group.. the bounding box covered the around the area I had moved the object.

      I tried moving the handle back to the central position in the object, but this had no affect on the bounding box.

      Right clicking the Layer inside the Group and then, Reset Layer... does return the layer back to its  pre-moved position and bounding box returns to its correct size.


      So, the expanded bounding box seems to be related to moving the layer inside the Group!?


      Not sure if this of any use to anyone, but it kept me busy for a bit... sad... I know!


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          finnandme Level 1

          Just as an addon.... When I Right Clicked the Group and selected the Reset Layer option... I got an error message...



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            oksamurai Employee Moderator

            Yes, this is how it works currently - the group and layer are separate entities, we have to account for the group and its origin even if you move something inside of it. In general I'd recommend doing your layout in PS or AI as it's not CH's greatest strength right now - it can be slow going.


            Is it possible to share a .puppet file with the puppet you've made pre-error message? That sounds like a bug.

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              finnandme Level 1

              I do as you suggest and work in the original file. It's only when I read the threads here that I start looking deeper... The Reset Layer works well with Layers, it was only when I started trying it with Groups. i thought as it was there... it may reset all the layers withing the Group.


              I've just told Dave that I don't keep my working/tutorial stuff... not really a project... I clear my system and start afresh each day.


              Next time it happens I'll export the Puppet file and send it to you.


              What does... Right Click - Make Sharable do and would this be of any use?

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                finnandme Level 1



                Hi Dave... This error came up again this morning..

                I had noticed the bounding box was much larger than the object, so tried Right Click and Reset Layer... error when tried doing this on Group.


                I've saved the .puppet file... but how do I attach it here? Or, how do you wish me to send it?

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                  oksamurai Employee Moderator

                  Sounds like you sent it to Dan R - thanks.


                  "Make shareable" means you can take parts from one puppet and turn it into another puppet for use in other characters. So if I liked the eyes of one character, I could share it and drag that new puppet into another of my creations. Personally I do all this is PS or AI but this lets you share it with the rigging intact.

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                    finnandme Level 1

                    Thanks ... think I'll stick to doing all my character editing in the original file and using Ch for working on the animation.