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    Mac to PC - best hardware to choose

    Rufus Onslatt

      My 2008 Mac Pro has come to the end of it's service life, and I'm not buying Mac again- various reasons. I have 2 questions - forgive me for asking numpty questions... I haven't bought a PC for 15+ years and I'm a bit out of practice. I have also been given conflicting advice about what specs AE/Pr use effectively. A big SSD (or two) are a given in any configuration - my main questions are:



      Does anyone have any solid advice about an ideal PC workstation for AE/Pr workflow?

      I.e., is a 6700K i7 sufficient, or should I go for a single/dual Xeon E5v4? Should I prioritise more cores, or more clock speed?

      (I know it's more complicated than that, but any help getting to the bottom of this would be appreciated).



      I've always just used consumer GPUs as coprocessors, which has worked fine until now. Should I buy a Quadro card? What is the benefit, over the drivers? Would the 1080 I was going to buy be enough, or would a Titan X be better? Do I need to just stop being cheap and get an M4000/5000?


      Any and all help greatly appreciated. Feels weird moving to Windows, but it's not like there aren't good quality workstations to choose from. I was thinking Lenovo P910.