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    Website with functionality



      i would like to ask if it is possible to build the following webpage with adobe muse.

      The website should have the following functionality:



      The Home page should consist of a fixed grid of tiles. Some of the tiles are fixed an stay the same everytime one visits the page, the other tiles should appear randomly.

      If you hover over a tile with the cursor there is an action (e.g. for pictures a name of the picture/person)

      Each tile leads to an page explaning the term/picture.


      Database connection

      Is it possible/nessessary to connect the website to a database?



      An automated alphabetical glossary with all the (random) tiles/pages

      Vertical alphabet on the side with the current Letter highlighted (scrolling wise)



      The website is meant for students so the the path the user takes trough the pages/tiles should be displayed at the bottom. Is this done by using cookies?

      Only the user needs to see this information, there is no need for tracking.


      Search (sort and filter)

      Search funktionality with different sorting and filtering of search results.



      Is it possible to implement these in Adobe Muse? If yes, do you have any tips how to implement these things?


      Thanks in advance!