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    Quick Apply crashes file with many styles


      I have a file which causes InDesign CC 2017 (on MAC) to crash whenever I start typing in Quick Apply. I did some online research before posting in this forum, but all the tips I found online didn't help. I didn't try all characters, but for example when typing 's' or 't' InDesign crashes.



      I tested this on 2 computers. On both computers InDesign crashes (one immediately, the other after some seconds of spinning beachball). Which makes me suspect the file, and not my InDesign configuration.

      Here is the crash report (note that it doesn't give me a crash report every time).

      And here is (a stripped version of) the indesign file causing the problem.



      Things I already tried with no success:

      - I reset my InDesign preferences

      - I used Quick Apply with no open document (to reset eventual glitches)

      - I removed all objects in the file

      - I rebuild the document using IDML



      It seems that the paragraph styles in the document are causing the issue. When removing all paragraph styles, Quick apply doesn't crash.

      However, I tried deleting and adding styles to find the one style that causes the crash, but I can't eliminate a single one.

      Applying all styles by clicking on it in the styles panel doesn't give problems.



      Any ideas? This file is very important to me. Many files are based on the styles in this document, and my workflow heavily depends on Quick Apply.

      All help is greatly appreciated!