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    cache or media drive for render speed improvement

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      hi everyone.


      you all know about the awesome SSD speed and how putting it on cache in premiere makes it fast right? Well, I was reading that premiere uses the media drive for export, not the cache(except for use previews I suppose). makes sense right? so I was wondering, since the SSD drive is so small, if, once we're done with editing smoothly with the cache stuff, then delete all the cache, copy the slow media to the SSD to render faster?

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          just my 2 sense worth:

          as Harm always stated: use as many ssd's as possible

          which to me means 4:

          1 OS

          2 media cache

          3 footage

          4 export


          if you watch task manager / resource monitor (for a while to get used to see what it's doing)

          you can watch how the computer executes its duties


          the final export i believe actually does use the media cache drive


          once your done with the final render/export then you can delete the media cache

          but if you open the project up again, the media cache will be created again...


          you should invest in more ssds and larger capacity