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    Does Face Tracking Adapt?

    finnandme Level 1

      I've had a problem with jittering eyes and have been constantly trying to solve the problem. I didn't want to rely on using manual dragging after I've made an initial recording.


      Every time I start Ch, I set up the camera. I have the ability to zoom in and adjust brightness and sharpness etc.


      I like to get a close up of the Camera Panel.. ( select Camera Panel and click +/- Key) while doing my initial setup.


      As I was doing this I noticed that the Blue Tracking Dots that follow the pupil, were dancing all over the place, then as I adjusted the image, zooming in, the brightness and sharpness... the Blue Tracking Dots, quite dramatically, settled down! When I had finish and ( select Camera Panel and click +/- Key)  put the panel back to it's normal position... the pupils remained nice and stable, so I wanted to know, does the Face Tracking adapt?


      The image quality is really poor and I have no understanding why this should be, in PhotoBooth it looks fine!? Any ideas?


      I think a good image, certainly helps with jittering eyes.



      The other thing I notice,is how much the Tracking dots are off in some place (the right pupil tracking (Blue) dot is way off and makes some strange movement when following trying to follow my eyes... if you could just make adjustment to these I think it would be a big plus. I have added this as an idea, but would like to hear what other users think and have experienced?

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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          The face tracking is looking for specific points, like the black in the middle of your pupils. It tries its best but sometimes it will readjust. same with the red dots - it's looking for particular points of contrast or lining. It's pretty good now, but yes, we hope to make it even better in future releases.

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            finnandme Level 1

            Quality of the Image is certainly a big factor... and me wear glasses is another.. getting anti reflective coating and hopefully this will help.


            I'm always amazed at how far you can be away for the camera and Face Tracking still works!?