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    Cannot import QuickTime reference files into AE 2017 from Avid Network drives


      AE version CS6 and CC 2014 import QuickTime reference files over the Avid ISIS network with no issue. However, on AE version 2015, 2015.3 and 2017 I receive the error (86 :: 1) when trying to import QT references files over a network connection.  The caveat to this anomaly is that AE Versions 2015-2017 will import QT reference if the media files being referenced are located on a local drive. 

      This issue is consistent across multiple computer running windows 7 Professional SP1 on both HP z440 and Z480 systems.


      QT files were generated via Avid MC 8.5.1

      QT version is 7.7.9


      I also found documentation of a similar issue that was occurring in Premiere Pro CC (2017) “where media from Avid Unity QuickTime reference files are not imported (2919488)”  (see link below for full article) and was resolved via an official Adobe upgrade.



      Does anyone have a solution or recommendation?