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    Accordion Tab Dropdown Menu Issues

    lacurva12 Level 1


      I am trying to use an accordion tab as a dropdown sidebar menu on my website. I am having issues because before I had the menu pasted on each page and open to the specific item that showed which page we were on and highlighted that in the color blue. This allowed the dropdown to stay open and show the options to page viewers. This was a PAIN to change in Muse and I am looking for a better solution. SO- I tried to put this menu on one master page and now I cannot get individual parts to stay open or change colors when I land on specific pages.


      Does anyone have a solution or a better way to use a sidebar menu where I can show which page I am on and the sub navigation pages listed underneath the pages?


      Here is the link to the website you you can reference the issue I am dealing with: QED

      I would need the "INDUSTRIAL" to stay open the entire time I am in that section and so forth for all sections.


      Please help!


      Thank you,


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          ankushr40215001 Level 7

          Hi Lauren,


          Did you manage to resolve the issue?

          They stay open at my end, or did I misunderstand your query?


          Below are screen shots from my phone.

          0565A4A7-9E02-4991-993A-F303D29C10AB.jpg 1E744C8F-828D-406E-8662-FB0A4E5B1ECF.jpg







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            lacurva12 Level 1

            Hi Ankush,

            I resolved it the best way I could think of - by adding master pages for each of the main navigation pages ( example being Industrial, distribution/office, office, etc.) and putting the menu on there and physically opening it to the place I wanted it to be opened to per page.  For Industrial I pasted the menu and opened it to industrial on the master page to show the sub navigation options. It seemed to work. But it still has us changing 7 menus if we need to make a change. But that is better than every page I guess! Would this be the best way to do this?

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              ankushr40215001 Level 7

              What you did is the best way to achieve this.

              The issue is an accordion resets itself once the page is refreshed or navigated to the.


              So if you want it to stay opened at a particular page, the accordion should be placed open on that page.