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    how to have multiple data fields with same fieldname in Adobe Sign Document

    mohdv64919370 Level 1

      We want to use API to populate data for existing esign document.

      For example we want to pass the legal business name and address of someone to the existing document.

      We are able to do that using

      "documentCreationInfo": {

        "name": "Mohd Viqar",


        "message": "Please sign the agreement",


        "mergeFieldInfo": [


        "fieldName": "legal Business Name",

        "defaultValue": "XYZ LLC"



        "fieldName": "address",

        "defaultValue": "123, XYZ Road"



        "fieldName": "phone",

        "defaultValue": "999999999"




        "signatureType": "ESIGN"



      We want to use legal business name multiple time in the Adobe Sign document but we are getting "This field name is already used elsewhere in this document" while saving the document in Adobe Sign.

      Is there a way to have multiple data fields with same field name.


      In our case we want to show the legal business name that has been passed via Rest API at multiple paces in the agreement.


      Is that possible because it is a major requirement for us.


      Please can someone advice.