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      ok.....I am trying to render out a large file (44,444 frames)

      the piece is 30 minutes long.....originally I rendered it in AE.  Took 20 hours.

      Then I made some fixes/changes.  Took 28 hours to render.

      Then I made some more fixes.  I stopped it, because it was forecasting 40 hours to go after already rendering for 15 hours.

      Now I am rendering through Media Encoder.

      Time to render keeps creeping up.  After 30 minutes it is up to a projected (and steadily growing) 25 hours.


      I am using some effects (twirling globe, water turbulence).  It is admittedly content heavy.  But slowing down to one frame

      every 40 seconds.....that is CRAZY!


      Please help......


      Thank you in advance,



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          Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

          the piece is 30 minutes long.....originally I rendered it in AE.  Took 20 hours.

          this does sound crazy but let me ask you this. do you have an effect that is affecting the whole 30 minutes in their entirety that cannot be reproduced in NLE software by a simple setup. because rendering that long gives a warning sign that doing this in Ae is inefficient. a wise man once said "Ae is for creating shots, not editing movies" so if you are by any chance trying to edit your movie in Ae - stop. take just the parts you need to Ae and returned them back to Premiere via lossless codec and be done with it in Premiere in far less time.


          if this is not the case give us more information about what you have there, maybe we can offer a proper workflow.

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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            I have occasionally had renders take seven or eight minutes a frame. Depending on what you're doing it may not be unusual. What is unusual is to render a 30 minute video in After Effects unless your name is Andy Warhol. Only the old folks will see the humor in that sentence.


            AE is for making shots, a NLE is for editing. If I were to ever have a project that was 30 minutes long that must be rendered in After Effects I would render a digital intermediate using an image sequence so if I needed to change frame 927 through 1015 I could just re-render those frames. And less you are changing everything in the comp there is no reason whatsoever to re-render the entire thing. Trim the comp to the things you fixed, render out the pieces and then edit them in an NLE.

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              But slowing down to one frame every 40 seconds.....that is CRAZY!

              There's nothing crazy. Effects processing takes time as does decoding ands re-encoding the footage.



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                claudiakunin Level 1

                THANK YOU!  I am learning learning learning.....

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                  claudiakunin Level 1

                  Thank you so much, Rick.....For some reason I have never used an NLE!  so here we go......great advice.....and so appreciated......

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                    claudiakunin Level 1

                    PROBLEM Solved


                    turned out it was a couple of things:  the internal HD on my Mac Pro was FULL


                    the external HD I was using was corrupt and broke after I finished rendering everything on to it.....after using it for just a week!


                    and the preferences in AE needed a tweek.....