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    Only Typekit and favourited fonts appearing in Indesign


      Hi everyone,


      I'm having a problem with InDesign. As above, the only fonts that I can use within the program are my favourited ones, and the ones I've synced from Typekit. None of the default fonts from my computer (Mac) are there, and same for any fonts that I just installed. When I thought perhaps it was my computer, the fonts still appear in my other Adobe programs, such as Illustrator, and even Mac programs such as pages. I updated InDesign to the 2017 edition, thinking it may reset the error. This did not work, and so after taking to more google searches, I went directly into the font folder for InDesign. There were strangely, no fonts whatsoever there. I copied all my fonts in there just to see, and this did not work either after resetting the program many times.


      Is there a setting in Indesign which may have done this? I don't recall having messed with any of my settings, as I had opened it one day to have it work fine, and then the next, to have this issue. At the same time, I wouldn't be surprised if this was a simple issue easily fixed as at times I can be quite technologically clumsy!


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


      Thank you!