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    Vertical Video in Adobe Clip

    hannahleenoll Level 1

      Hi Adobe,


      I'd like to request that you support vertical video in Adobe Premier Clip.


      Thank you.

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          Sheena Kaul Adobe Employee

          Hi Hannah,


          Thanks for the feedback!


          I will pass it onto the concerned team.




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            So ? Possible or not... Thank you !

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              petergaraway Adobe Employee

              Hello Benoit,


              Support for vertical video has not made it into the app yet. Thanks for showing your interest.


              Peter Garaway

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                I need this feature!

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                  dr awesome Level 1

                  This feature is an absolute MUST for any digital content creator using social media. Specifically, vertical video is gaining traction because it has more screen real-estate on mobile devices -- which have quickly consumed the market share of devices used for social media.

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                    dr awesome Level 1

                    Is there any status on this? Next round ??

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                      Hello wonderful Adobe People petergaraway,

                      I am a Digital Arts and Communications student and recently had a class discussion about the relevance of vertical images in today's world of social media and smart phones. The majority of the population is consuming digital media on their phone or mobile device and the majority of those users are holding their devices as they were designed to be held: vertically. Increasingly, media organizations are "thinking mobile first" and therefore, vertical orientation has become more relevant. Designs/layouts, videos and photographs that will be viewed on a mobile device and various social media platforms each come with formatting restrictions.


                      With this in mind, I shot my most recent homework assignment in my COMM214 Mobile Image Making communications class, a how-to video that we must post to Instagram. I shot my video vertically, knowing that I would be publishing to Instagram and I wanted my video to take up the full screen rather than having those annoying black bars in the way. It's kind of a bummer that when I uploaded my video clips to the Adobe Clip app, my video was shrunk down even more, with black bars on all sides...and it's an HD video!


                      I am able to use other apps in the app store to complete my assignment, which supports the vertical video I recorded. I really hope to see support for shooting vertical video in Adobe Clip in the future though and according to the discussion I mentioned having in class, there is a demand for it due to social media publishing. Even the NYTimes and other news outlets have caught on to this. I know Adobe will too!!


                      I know that I could just use Adobe Premiere CC on my computer to avoid this issue, but for this assignment I was required to use my mobile device alone to produce professional digital media images, no cheating.

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                        hannahleenoll Level 1

                        Is this feature available yet? Thanks!