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    InDesign CC 2017 - Very Slow

    ubishere Level 1

      Hi I have made a comparison video of cutting and pasting text boxes with InDesign CC 2017 and compared to the speed to InDesign CC 2015


      Both software is running on my Mac Pro 2009 (upgraded, see specs below)

      3.46 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon

      NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 2048 MB

      32 GB Ram


      The text boxes are not actually tables, but individual text boxes grouped together and the speed difference between them is huge. When there are many elements on a page InDesign 2017 basically becomes unusable due to the slowdown.


      The video showing the difference in screen redraw speed is linked below.....


      Indesign vers comparison - Sendvid


      I uninstalled and then reinstalled both software programs JUST before doing this test, no other software was running except for Mail and Chrome. I also adjusted the InDesign preferences as below.


      FontExplorer plugins were removed from both


      Display performance = Typical for both.


      Type Contextual Controls = Turned off for both.


      Live Screen Drawing = Delayed for both.


      What is going on?  Layout software like this should be instant by now, is Adobe making software slower on purpose, so people are advised to buy new computers.

      I can't see any reasons why this software shouldn't be screaming along on my Mac Pro.

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          Sumit_Garg Adobe Employee

          Hi Zoe,


          Thanks for your valuable feedback. We are really sorry that you are facing slowness issues inside InDesign.

          Shared recording and rest of the information was also very useful.


          Can you please share your document for further investigation on "sharewithID@adobe.com" OR on my email address.

          We need to investigate for actual cause of this slowness and with your document, we might be able to suggest few workarounds that can improve InDesign performance.





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            ubishere Level 1

            Sumit, thanks for the reply,


            I have sent the document, although I'm not really sure how this particular document would help other than show how slowly it redraws in InDesign 2017 compared to InDesign2016 when there a multiple element on a page.


            I forgot to say that I had also turned off type kit in Adobe Cloud in the above test.


            I realise that producing the same information in a table rather than lots of text boxes would display more quickly, however that was not really what I was after. I wanted to show the difference in general redraw speed, but if you are able to supply any help in that respect then I would be grateful.

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              ubishere Level 1

              Thanks for your reply via email Sumit, I have pasted your reply below so other users are able to see that this issue is being worked on.


              Hopefully Adobe will release an update soon which will fix this problem.


              I can mark the question answered once the new update fixes this.



              Thanks Zoe,


              Document was really useful, we were able to recreate this issue locally via your document.

              We will perform required analysis for this issue , and try to make this experience better in future releases.


              Please keep on providing such feedback, this always help us in making InDesign a better product.




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                Sumit_Garg Adobe Employee

                Thanks Zoe,


                I have received your document and it was really useful. And we were able to recreate this issue locally.

                As mentioned by you "Tables" could be used here for better performance. So, for this case workaround is present for customers.


                However, we will perform required analysis and profiling related to redraw performance using this scenario. This might led to improvement in redraw performance of some other areas in future releases.


                Again thanks for your feedback.


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                  rickhino Level 1

                  WoW!  Future version?  This same problem existed with 2016.  Users know the WHY.  What we'd like is a fix that will allow us to upgrade past ID 2015.