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    Brightness & Contrast CC VS Brightness & Contrast CS6

    mirzakadic Level 1

      Hey folks, I'm having an issue which I cannot solve.

      First, let me just say that I'm AE Template creator and I need to have at least CS6 version ready for customers.


      I'm currently working on AE CC 2017 and I finished the project and while downgrading to CS6 I noticed an issue. On few layers I have Brightness & Contrast effect which has been changed in CC version of After Effects, and when opening the project in CS6, this layer looks completely different, because Brightness & Contrast has completely different behaviour in CS6 VS CC. I tried to match it with other effects like levels and exposure, but nothing works. (My first thought is that marking legacy will somehow solve the problem, but it doesn't)


      Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!!