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    iFrame responsive with Parallax effects

    Xoco Level 3

      Hello, I want to encapsulate a web page (fixed width and fixed height) made with Muse inside an iFrame with Edge Animate. The idea is to make a single design with Muse and save me creating adaptive designs for tablets and mobiles and save myself also create breakpoints for an adaptable design.


      I suposo that will be necessary put code in window.resize event to change Stage size when user change web browser dimensions to maintain proportions.


      In document.compositionReady I have:

      sym.$("Rectangle").html( '<iframe src="http://www.dissenys.com/elspoblets" width="1200" height="10000" scrolling="no" frameBorder="0" ></iframe>');


      Stage have fixed pixels size (1200 width and 10000 height) and the same pixels for Rectangle and iFrame (also Rectangle and iFrame works fine with 100% width and 100% height). I have activate Responsive Scaling: Width


      The page load correctly but scroll and Parallax effects don't work, why? I try scrolling="yes" but nothing.