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    Newbie – best method for PowerPoint presentation with audio?

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      I have a short project where I'm taking an existing PowerPoint deck, importing it into Captivate, I'll add voice audio to each slide, export it with table of contents and playback controls at bottom. Simple.


      Question – I'm new to Captivate and I did a simple test with the PPT deck and it seems that the best method so that I can control when every bullet comes on the screen, when every graphic comes on the screen, is to just bring in a blank slide with the PPT template, then bring in all the elements for each slide as separate objects. I then use the Captivate transition for each one (fade) and sync to the VO.

      I haven't done the audio yet but I'm assuming this is like Flash where the VO spreads out across the timeline and I sync the graphic elements on the timeline.


      Do I have this right and do you have any more tips, things to avoid?


      I don't know if I'm going to retype all the text in Captivate. I might just export the text from PPT as graphics too. Advice on that is welcome.


      Thank you for your time!

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          If you are willing to start in Captivate from scratch (which is indeed much better than importing PPT-slides), you have to know that blank slides do not exist in Captivate. You always are using a theme: it has a color palette, all object styles, all master slides and a skin (based on that color palette). More info in:  What's in a Theme - a Template? - Captivate blog


          You can indeed use different text containers or use one container (shape or caption) with different states. Timing could be done with one advanced action On enter, where you use the Delay command to have the states appear one by one.


          Import all the assets that you can reuse from the PPT into the Captivate Library. From that library yuo can drag items on the stage.