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    Button Trouble

      Ok Fellows,
      I was hoping that you all can help me out here. I had created thi button and it is in a movie clip. but when I try to point to another movie clip on the main scene it doesent work I will give you an example of what i am doing.
      (incide a movie clip) on (press) {
      Now keep in mind that the button in in a movie clip time line not on the main time line, If i put this button on the main time it would work. My questtion is How can i link that movie clip wish is on the main timeline to a button that is in a movie clip?
      your advice will be much appreciated

      Ohh! one other thing. the other actionscirpt that I am using is this:

      (in a movie clip) on (press) {
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          it sounds like you have a pathing problem. if your button clip and myClip_mc are both on the _root timeline, for example, then you' d need to change the path to reflect that:
          on (press) {